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Digital health and care services (Pre-Commercial Procurement)

14 Septiembre 2018

HORIZON 2020 (2014-2020). CALL: Health SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020

HORIZON 2020 (2014-2020). CALL: Health SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020

FUNDING BODY: European Commission.

CALL FOCUS: To to network, lead and facilitate health systems research, innovation and digitisation in view of addressing key areas of interventions in health and care services including health promotion and disease prevention


  • At least three legal entities. Each of the three must be established in a different EU Member State or Horizon 2020 associated country. All three legal entities must be independent of each other.
  • Furthermore, there must be a minimum of two legal entities which are ‘public procurers’ from two different EU Member States or Horizon 2020 associated countries. Both legal entities must be independent of each other.


SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020: Digital health and care services.

Scope: Support the health and care service provider to procure the development, testing and implementation of digital services and communication concepts that can facilitate the transition to integrated care models across health and social services and country-specific cross-institutional set-ups, including decentralised procurement environments and collaboration across institutions. Key challenges that could be addressed are patient empowerment, self-management, patient safety, patient involvement, chronic disease management, diagnosing, home-care logistics, hospital logistics, skills and independent living. These challenges could be addressed by applicable ICT domains e.g., telemedicine, mHealth, IoT, shared open source IT-based platforms, etc. as will be defined in the market consultation process. This should result in early adoption and demonstration of the potential for scaling-up the services and positive impact with evidence of appropriate incentives of various actors. Expected Impact:

  • Established path to innovation, evidence of benefits of disruptive technologies that can support the development of sustainable business models, improved user and market engagement, strengthened procurement community, evidence of healthy innovation ecosystem including researchers, users, eHealth and other solution providers and procurers. Evidence in key performance areas i.e., quality in health and care, sustainability of the delivery system and economic value.
  • Increased opportunities for solution uptake across wider international procurement markets by aiming at interoperable solutions that are validated through field testing by participating procurers in multiple countries across Europe and contribution to standardisation where relevant.

Indicative request from the EU: around €5-6M. Type of Action: Pre – Commercial Procurement


The funding rate for Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) actions is limited to 90% of the total eligible costs (PCP is procurement of R&D services) to leverage co-financing from the procurers.


  • Personnel cost.
  • Other direct cost: travel and subsistence; equipment, informatics, consumables.
  • Subcontracting.
  • Indirect cost (25% total direct cost, except subcontracting).


  • Information on the outcome of the evaluation: Maximum 5 months from the final date for submission.
  • Indicative date for the signing of grant agreements: Maximum 8 months from the final date for submission.


  • Total budget € million  22.00

DEADLINE: 14/11/2018


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